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“Hi I’m Natasha, I’m a herbalist based in London. I take patients, teach and run a natural living company called Forage Botanicals. I’m really passionate about women’s health. I studied herbal medicine’s which are safe during pregnancy for my dissertation and went on to become an accredited Antenatal teacher and Doula. Though I don’t practice those professions the information has helped me put together my own unique workshops to help women empower themselves and become happy in their own skin. Although we’ve over-come a lot of inequality in modern history as women we still hold many years of ideas which we end up using against ourselves, consciously and subconciously. I like to help women come together to address these ideas which often lead to ill health through workshops and private consultations.”

Natasha is looking for women aged 20-35 with pre-menstrual syndrome. She would like to use your case for her research in writing her book on the subject. She is offering discounted treatment to women who are happy to do so. 

To find out what you would expect from a consultation with Natasha Richardson check out the Contact section. Natasha is registered with the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners.AW Accredited Logo Purple-2logo